Online Learning A To Z: Everything You Need To Launch A Thriving Remote Training Program

By now it’s no secret that the future — the present — of work and learning includes at least a mix of remote and in-person interactions. 

At Talance, we were lucky to work remotely before this shift, as it made for virtually no transition in the past two years. That said, we’ve seen countless teams face the challenges of bringing their training online and struggle to cobble together effective remote strategies to work from home when needed. We saw time and time again how daily stressors combined with new perceived setbacks presented obstacles that could make the most seasoned worker stumble without the necessary resources. Needles to say, the transition was anything but seamless.

So we decided to compile the must-have resources your team needs to conduct remote or hybrid (in-person and online) training and get the most out of any professional development program regardless of the delivery method.

Here’s everything you need to launch a thriving online learning program:

Planning Your Remote Training Program

A look at the basics to set up your agency for a successful remote or hybrid learning program. This section covers:

  • The top formats for professional development as well as key insights to help you choose the best ones for your staff’s needs.
  • Everything you need to evaluate before kicking off any online training.
  • The most common questions and concerns managers face when it comes to e-learning, virtual classes, and online education in general.

17 Questions To Ask In A Training Needs Assessment

The first step for any professional development plan is deciding what the priorities are based on your team’s needs. Once you have this foundation, it’s time to figure out the best way to address those needs most effectively.

The Guide To Understanding Professional Development Formats: Self-Paced, Classroom Or Blended

Self-paced, in-person, and blended learning are three different types of formal education — each with unique advantages for your staff. Here’s how to differentiate them and how each can work best for your professional development plan.

Try These 5 Tips To Help Your Team Set And Achieve Goals

Looking back to the past two years, it’s easy to see why planning and goal-setting experienced a revamp in most situations. These are our favorite tips for setting clear, achievable goals for your team, regardless of life’s curve balls.

If you’re needing a little help, here’s how to write SMART goals from Atlassian.

4 Easy Tips for A Better Training Program

Now that you have clear goals and have figured out your professional development needs, it’s time to start making decisions. Use these 4 simple strategies to build the foundation for a remote training program your staff will truly benefit from.

Virtual Training: Top 10 Questions From Program Managers And Directors

Still on the fence about virtual training? These are the most common concerns program managers face when considering remote training for their staff.

Securing An All-Star Team For Your Online Learning Program

So you’ve settled it — your professional development program is going remote. Now let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Here’s how to form the best online learning team to get the most out of your curriculum.

How To Hire A Remote Training Admin To Manage E-learning Programs

First, fill in the crucial logistics: Do you need administrators or an instructor? Next, will you choose someone from your team or outside? 

These are the top aspects to consider when making decisions for your course management.

How To Build The Best Online Training Team

Now’s time to figure out whom you need for your course development. In this guide, we cover the 11 key team players your remote training program needs to take off smoothly. Plus, how to decide whether you hire each role internally or externally.

10 Of The Best Job Interview Questions To Ask Remote Training Admin Candidates

So you’ve got your shortlist of applicants! Now what? Here’s how to prepare for interviewing the top candidates to fill the admin requirements for your online learning program. With the most effective questions to assess each applicant and learn more about their skills and how they fit into your program.

Running Your Online Learning Program

Your admin team is ready, learners are ready — it’s go time. A successful remote training experience depends on many factors, from the right delivery to an engaged cohort. Here’s how to optimize your professional development program for a remote environment.

Online Onboarding Guide: How To Welcome New Staff Remotely

If your staff has worked in-office before making the switch to remote settings, you may be having a hard time translating the onboarding process with new hires. Even if you’re well-versed in online collaboration, it pays to have an iron-clad onboarding system for any new hires. In this guide, we cover everything from the must-haves in your welcome pack to creating a 1-, 3-, and 6-month plan for any new role.

How To Make Your E-Learning Program Less Intimidating

Perhaps your staff is feeling apprehensive about remote professional development. There are many causes for this apprehension — and they can range from simply resisting change to feeling uncomfortable with technology or even limited access to the resources they’ll need to jump in. Try these 9 strategies to help your staff feel at ease while learning online.

How To Train Remote Staff In Less Time

If you’ve thought about how long it’ll take your staff to adapt and learn remotely, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to use everyone’s time effectively with online learning. These are 8 tips to help you start on the right foot.

Scheduling Tips To Plan Your Remote Training Program

It’s easy to hit scheduling conflicts when you consider all the moving parts needed to run a remote training program. To prevent delays and ensure smooth sailing for your program, here’s how to strategically plan your schedule for both learners and admin staff.

How To Create An Annual Training Plan For Your Program

If your staff requires ongoing training and updates, such as HIPAA or other compliance-related education, you may be better off planning your programs on a yearly basis.

How To Set Professional Learning Goals In Uncertain Times

One way to keep staff motivated as they learn remotely? Set goals. One of the biggest obstacles your program can face is unclear direction — why does the staff need this? What will be the outcome? Clearly defining goals for your staff helps break this barrier and drive a thriving online learning program.

How To Choose The Right Pilot Group For Training

If you need one helicopter, order two. Talance CEO, Monique Cuvelier, explains the meaning behind this phrase — and how it applies to the success of your professional development.

How To Communicate More Effectively In Online Classes

In-person communication is hard enough as it is — you have tones, body languages, facial expressions, and immediate responses to convey a message. Online, you lose these nuances and language becomes flat. Here are our top communication tips and practices as a remote team that’s successfully collaborated for years.

Online Training: 20 Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated

Excited learners are better learners. Here’s how your admin team can encourage your staff and keep them engaged throughout the online training process.

7 Ways To Build Participation In Remote Training

Even the most value-packed curriculum will lead to few results without active participation from learners. Try these seven strategies to get your cohorts involved and actively learning.

10 Time Management Tips For Online Learners

As you get staff involved in your online learning program, it may be that they have a hard time juggling work along with their study. These tips are aimed at helping them get everything done with as little overwhelm as possible and finish their professional development program satisfyingly.

Measuring Your Remote Training Success

How To Write Survey Quiz Questions: A Guide

Have you ever noticed the difference the phrasing of a question can have on your answer? Let’s try again: How do you think phrasing a question can impact your answer? Analyze these two questions and you’ll notice what we mean. In this guide, we’ve collected tried and true advice from one of our expert curriculum developers to help you craft A+ questions for every evaluation in your online learning program.

Securing Funding For Your Remote Training Program

10 Training Metrics To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Remote Training Program

One of the main requirements of many grants and financing programs is ongoing reporting for factors like participation, achievements, and certifications. Thankfully, you can easily extract reporting from your LMS to track this data. Using these 10 training metrics, you can easily report the success of existing initiatives and satisfy grant requirements — as well as internal support.

27 Funding Resources For Healthcare Projects

One of the biggest challenges many managers and directors make is not selling their professional development programs effectively. This can lead to limited or nonexistent funding and hinder the program’s development from the start. Here are some traditional and outside-the-box avenues to secure funding for your online learning program.

A Practical Guide to Remote Training: A Toolkit by Talance

Gain the tools you need to feel confident developing a remote training program for your health organization or transitioning from in-person to virtual learning with your staff.

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