Worst. Requests. Ever.

We’re not naming names, but we hear a lot of crazy requests when it comes to building websites. The worst are those that utterly disregard what the poor visitors have to contend with when they look at the site. Read these quotes, and do exactly the opposite. [This appeared in our December newsletter. Wanna subscribe?]

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Web Design Requests of 2010

  1. Can you please make that tab say [insert any 10 or more words here]?
  2. We need this website built yesterday.

10 Things Your Calendar Can Do You Probably Never Considered

Stuff goes on at your organization, and you need to tell people about it. That's frequently the level of consideration people give their website calendar. That's selling yourself short. Calendar tools, especially those that work on content management systems like Drupal, are full of features that can help you engage more people at your site and your events.

1. Automatically publish and expire events.

February 2010 Newsletter: Digging for Gold Issue

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Digging for Website Gold

Too many people think the best content they have to offer on their websites are event listings. Sure, those are helpful, but you almost certainly have something better you’re already producing that you can use to make your website a better resource. Here are some ideas to help you dig up hidden content:

Share Button: a Quick Fix for More Website Traffic

One of the best ways to get people to use your website is to ask them. As simple as that. Of course you can, and should, personally ask people to use your site. Tell them it’s there and ask for feedback. But there's also a frequently overlooked widget that does the job for you. A Share toolbar or button (see ours at the bottom of this blog entry) is adept at asking people to brag about you. You can plug it into your website, blog, or social networking page, and give people one-click access to share your best resources with their connections.