Common course translation mistakes to avoid

5 Common Traps of Course Translation

We’ve previously talked about the importance of providing training programs in multiple languages to empower your diverse staff to learn and participate. However, we’ve also frequently seen how difficult it is for many organizations to actually implement multi-language programs because translation is hard work.  If you’ve ever embarked on a course translation project, you probably …

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Calculating the cost of training your team online

4 Tips to Calculate The Cost of Training Your Staff

A team of educated community health workers can ease the cost of healthcare costs for a community, but what eases the cost of a training program? E-learning could be the answer.

Calculate your e-learning ROI

Hidden costs lurk in traditional live instructor-led trainings, and it’s a challenge to find them. Start to jot down all the random costs of getting people into a room together, and you’ll see how the prices quickly shoot up. A huge portion is travel and lodging costs, which account for as much as 40 cents of every dollar spent, studies show.

The quickest way to reduce travel and lodging costs is to eliminate them: move the community health worker classroom online. Any expense that ordinarily goes to feeding and equipping a group of people can be channeled into development and instructing. That can be an up-front savings, but costs certainly plummet the more often you run the training program.