Empowering Patients: The Success Story of Susan G. Komen’s Online Patient Navigator Training Program

The Susan G. Komen affiliate in Columbus, OH faced a significant challenge: empowering patient navigators with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective guidance and support to breast cancer patients who navigate the complex healthcare system.


To tackle this challenge, the affiliate partnered with Talance, a learning and development company, to create a custom online training program. Talance adapted the existing training materials to create a personalized curriculum that met the specific needs of patient navigators.

Talance built a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) to host the program. The LMS provided patient navigators with a user-friendly and accessible platform to access the materials, track their progress, and communicate with instructors.

The training program covered a variety of topics, such as healthcare terminology, insurance coverage, and patient rights. Interactive quizzes and assessments were incorporated to reinforce key concepts and ensure that patient navigators retained the information.


The partnership between the Susan G. Komen affiliate in Columbus, OH and Talance resulted in a comprehensive and effective online training program. It provided patient navigators with the necessary tools to support breast cancer patients. The interactive quizzes and assessments allowed patient navigators to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

As a result, patient navigators were better equipped to provide effective support, which led to better outcomes for breast cancer patients.

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