Online Training Resources Our Readers Loved in 2022

As companies continue to realize the value of online training as a professional development tool that decreases operational costs and simplifies logistics, many teams are embracing this format. And in 2022, we set the goal of making online learning accessible for as many people as possible to implement by publishing resources aimed at health agencies. With this in mind, here’s a compilation of the most popular online training articles and resources by Talance from the past year.

Preparing for Online Training

Successful online training begins by carefully studying your agency’s unique needs and circumstances. Only then will you be able to plan a thriving program that serves your employees and clients.

Securing Online Training Buy-in

There are many reasons why stakeholders may have objections to online learning and prefer traditional, in-person programs instead. However, the benefits of online learning are proven, and your agency can benefit significantly from this training format. 

Here’s how you can counter them to earn their support in your initiative: 3 Common Objections to Online Learning and What You Should Say

Defining Success

E-learning success depends on the goals you set at the start of your program. How will you know you made it if you don’t know what it is? 

These are our favorite resources to define SMART goals and ensure good outcomes for online training: E-learning Success: How to Set Measurable Goals for Your Program

These are the most-have strategies you’ll need to launch a successful e-learning project for professional development or staff training: 9 Steps To Make Your E-Learning Project Succeed

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Accessibility refers to a program, website or app that can be safely used by anyone, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Here’s an overview of accessible design for online learning and how you can get started now. 5 Steps To Make Your Online Learning Program Accessible

Cultural competency refers to understanding the role race and cultural backgrounds play in people’s view of the world and the way they interact. Here’s how you can incorporate cultural competence in your training. Cultural Competency in Online Training: 3 Strategies For An Inclusive Classroom

Hosting and Managing Your Course

Virtual training can be as simple or complex as your heart desires. From elaborate systems to done-for-you solutions: Here Are the Best Virtual Training Tools and Tips You Can Use for Your Remote Team in 2022

Your online training team is paramount to the success of your program. Here’s how to hire experts who know how everything works, from the learning management system (LMS) to how to run a virtual classroom. Experts who will provide you with the best services at affordable prices. How To Build or Hire Your Online Learning Team, from Facilitators to LMS Experts

A learning management system (LMS) is an online platform where instructors can create courses, manage students, and deliver resources for online training. Consider these factors before making your choice: How To Choose a Learning Management System

Choosing your LMS is not a one-and-done thing. Sometimes, you may find the need to move to another platform — aka, migrate. Here’s how you can accomplish an LMS migration without a hitch: LMS Migration: 5 Steps to Successfully Moving Courses Online

Online Learning Success

If you’ve participated in an online training program, you’ll know how essential the actual course resources are in keeping everyone engaged. In-person training has the benefit of sparking real-time debate and fostering exchange, so subpar content is somewhat easy to save. But online, it’s your learners and their course materials — and nothing else. This makes creating top-notch learning materials a crucial part of the experience.

Here’s how you can create compelling content to retain your learners’ interest and attention throughout your program. Use These eLearning Content Types in Your Next Training Program

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreaded a quiz. If you’re like most people, that’s the first format you think of when you hear the words assessment or evaluation. However, there are countless ways to measure your learners’ progress and knowledge gains during an online training program. Here are just five of them: 5 Assessment Types You Can Use in Online Learning

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