January 2010 Newsletter: Birthday Issue

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Hi, Friends.

We’re all giddy at Talance because 2010 marks our 10th year. Ten is an important number. It’s the diamond anniversary. It’s the first double digit. It’s also a long time for an Internet development company to have been in business.

A decade ago, while the country was stockpiling soup cans in preparation for a Y2K catastrophe, we were busy launching something special. We wanted to use our skills building enterprise quality systems for organizations that rarely had access to those tools. We also knew that most developers spoke in cryptic, intimidating terms, and we wanted to make the Web a kinder, gentler place.

These past 10 years have been outstanding. We know, because you tell us so:

  • “The support from Talance has been incredible,” says Reuben Rotman from Jewish Family Services of MetroWest New Jersey.
  • Lauren Dean from Mass Mentoring Partnership says, “Talance was able to simplify our Web site in ways I never dreamed imaginable!”
  • “Anyone who wants advice from experts who are thorough, pay attention to details and deadlines, and provide support should engage Talance in their technical projects,” said Jill Friedman Fixler from JFFixler & Associates.

OK, we’re bragging. But it’s still nice to know that over the last decade we’ve reached our goals of helping people understand technology better and keep up with the wild tech landscape. We have more and bigger goals for the coming years and look forward to working with you during them.

Happy New Year, and happy new decade,

The birthday bunch at Talance

January Birthday Treat

We’d serve you a big piece of cake for our 10th anniversary, but since cake doesn’t do well in the mail, we’re going to celebrate by offering you something special each month of 2010.

Your January treat: a free copy of Ready, Set, Go! Social Media Plan Workbook. You need a plan to develop a meaningful social media program, and this workbook takes you through the basic steps to become organized.

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