Best Firefox Add-ons for Nonprofits

Visitors to the Talance website are split 50-50 between Internet Explorer users and Firefox users. I wonder how many of the Firefox users are really using the Web browser to their full potential.

The true benefit of Firefox is the add-on. An add-on is a feature or tool that you can download to work in conjunction with your Firefox web browser. Here’s a nice article from the Boston Globe about how Firefox works.

Here at Talance HQ, we have a million of these installed, but two that we like for nonprofits or any user are:

  • Effortless Good, which donates a bit of your Amazon purchases to needy causes
  • Adblock Plus to suppress annoying web ads
  • Since you’ve supressed annoying commercial ads, you might replace them with openhanded, which replaces standard Gmail ads with charitable ones
  • InFormEnter, which makes web forms easy to fill out

To find more, check out the always interesting and useful ResourceShelf blog has a list of the most useful add-ons to use with Firefox.

And Lifehacker is always running articles on useful Firefox extensions.

Let me know which ones you like best.

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