Customized E-learning: 4 Ways To Tailor Your Off-the-Shelf Training

By now, you know that, when done right, online learning reduces training costs, increases engagement, and acts as a powerful retention strategy.

Off-the-shelf training provides an excellent foundation for online programs. In many cases, like standard certifications and compliance training, off-the-shelf options allow you to quickly launch your program and train your staff ASAP. But sometimes, you’ll reap better benefits by investing some time into customizing your training to fit your staff’s and community’s needs.

Customizing your e-learning increases your chances of a successful program because it allows you to assess what matters most. And customizing your materials helps you tailor the learning and assessments to the areas of improvement you want to prioritize. This tailored approach provides you with tangible, real-life applications of the skills your learners are acquiring, which helps them realize the value of the training by making the content relevant to their careers and experiences.

In addition, customized e-learning aligns your curriculum with organizational values such as DEI and cultural competence.

And finally, by modifying off-the-shelf training, you get the added benefits of custom learning without the price tag of developing a course from scratch.

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How to Create a Customized E-learning Program

Include Real Case Studies

The first strategy you can use for customized e-learning is to weave in real-life examples like case studies and past organizational experiences. Of course, you’ll want to keep in mind privacy and safety and adhere to HIPAA. But draw inspiration from your community to make the learning tangible and applicable to your staff’s daily work.

Also, local statistics are a simple way to bring your off-the-shelf training home. A localized HEAL program could include the state’s obesity and heart disease rates along with recommendations based on local resources.

Modify Assignments to Your Own Job Requirements

The main goal of customized e-learning is to make your program as effective as possible in training your staff. What better way to achieve this than by tailoring assignments to the real scenarios your employees will find on the job?

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Translate the Content and Make It Culturally Relevant

One of the main characteristics of off-the-shelf training is that the content is generalized and avoids emphasizing specific populations in an effort to make it more palatable for a broader audience.

However, this can also make it feel a bit bland and hard to grasp for your learners. Combat this by offering the training and additional resources in as many languages as possible to serve your staff. Additionally, take your staff’s culture into account when making modifications. Dietary restrictions, communication styles, cultural or societal norms around substance use, religion or spirituality, and gender roles can all impact the way your learners experience your training. So you’ll want to keep this aspects in mind when working on your customized e-learning materials.

Include Local and Internal Regulations, Policies and Guidelines

In the same vein as cultural relevance, local regulations and guidelines may significantly impact your training. One state’s view on a specific substance may be wildly different from the next.

You’ll want to be especially careful about local policies when it comes to topics like substance use. For example, discuss tobacco cessation along with your state and county regulations for local retailers.

On a smaller scale, customized e-learning should reflect your organization as accurately as possible. So you’ll want to check that the course aligns with your internal codes of conduct and ethical standards. 

Customized E-learning Takes Your Online Training to the Next Level

You may be on your first or hundredth online learning program. But a little customization can go a long way to improve your learners’ experience and overall outcomes in training.

Customized e-learning can take your organization to the next level and empower your staff to provide top-notch care for the communities you serve.

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