Worst. Requests. Ever.

We’re not naming names, but we hear a lot of crazy requests when it comes to building websites. The worst are those that utterly disregard what the poor visitors have to contend with when they look at the site. Read these quotes, and do exactly the opposite.

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Web Design Requests of 2010

  1. Can you please make that tab say [insert any 10 or more words here]?
  2. We need this website built yesterday.
  3. Can you create sub-sub-sub menus?
  4. Put everything on the homepage so no one has to search for anything.
  5. Half of our committee hates green, the other half hates blue, so just make it gray.
  6. I know we’re ready to launch, but the CEO doesn’t think the site is “user friendly.” He’d like you to rebuild it so it looks like this [insert here schematic created solely from the rectangle tool on PowerPoint].
  7. Can you make all the menu items open in a new window?
  8. Can you make us #1 on Google?
  9. Make the logo 200% bigger.
  10. Can you copy this other site? We want ours to look exactly the same.
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