The Practical Guide to Remote Training [Toolkit]

Gear up your remote training program with this toolkit from Talance. It’s a plain-talking, easy-to-follow guide designed to provide you with a basic introduction to remote professional development. You’ll get a fundamental understanding of how to choose plan for, set up, and run a successful online training program.

Growing pains. Every agency has them. A year full of unique training challenges and demanding client or patient needs introduced everyone to online training. With some thoughtful planning, you can keep your professional development programs moving and evolving—even when everyone is learning remotely.

Everyone could use a little organization and help with training, including those who are elearning veterans.

We’re sharing some of our most reliable strategies for starting an online training program.

This toolkit offers best practices and templates for managing remote professional development, onboarding and other training projects, and building the best teams.

In this e-book, you’ll discover:

  • A complete breakdown of the process of starting an online training program
  • Best practices for identifying the training needs of your learners
  • A guide to help you analyze the training formats and modules that work best for you
  • Templates and steps to systematically train cohorts of learners throughout the year

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