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Website 911: An Organization Specializing in Grief Gets a Massive Makeover

National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) is one of the nation’s largest associations for organizations specializing in grief. The website is an important channel for professionals, as well as parents and caregivers, to find local resources for addressing loss. NAGC asked Talance, Inc. (, a Boston-area Web development and design firm that specializes in user-friendly websites for non-profits, to develop a new website that would express a delicate balance between hope and loss, while making it easier for professionals and caregivers to discover a wealth of information. It also had to be a platform that would be an online community for members and also be search engine optimized to expand to more members and clients.


Talance’s main objectives were:

  • Develop a professional-looking website with as many self-serve functions as possible
  • Create an engaging and friendly design that remained sensitive to the subject while still expressing hope and healing
  • Make it easy for members to sign up for events and access restricted content
  • Show a growing collection of resources for professionals and caregivers
  • Provide a way to easily add content to the website
  • Optimize the website for search engines

We developed a site that combines a friendly and professional design that always looks evolving and intuitive. The new website looks professional and warm. It incorporates special features that made the website look active while only a small team was in charge of updates. In preparation for an upcoming feature on Sesame Street, it was also important to have a map of available centers and have a robust structure in case the site experienced a surge of traffic.

Check out the whole project profile and learn more about our work.

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