6 Ways To Market E-Learning

Every proud owner of an e-learning program needs a marketing push to succeed. Without support from key stakeholders, funders and learners, that program may fizzle.

Talance has hands-on experience developing marketing plans for e-learning, so here are six of our proven strategies for making a project grow.

1. Focus on the benefits

Before you start explaining what your program is, think about why it’s a great program, and then relay that information. Think who else would benefit from your training, and what problem it would solve. Put those into solid concepts, and then think about how you can tell them.

2. Motivate learners

The secret to enticing your learners to enroll and keep coming back is to make sure they’re properly motivated. Is it relevant to what they’re doing now? Do they need CEUs? Do they need new skills? Do they have to satisfy compliance? Find out what the best motivators are, and they’ll keep coming back.

3. Enlist supervisors

Supervisor support is critical, especially since they can influence (or require) staff to follow training. They are also more likely to mention it to their peers, who might see a need for the program.

4. Feature participants

Did a learner tell you about a valuable skill they learned through the trainer? Did a manager say something relevant to the subject matter? Include examples of real people directly involved in your marketing materials, and they’ll help promote for you.

5. Give it away

Make it easy for people to sample your e-learning program with small snippets. Give a demo, make the first module available to everyone and print examples as part of case studies.

6. Call reinforcements

Remember to look at other internal resources for help. Does your organization have a marketing department? Schedule a meeting so they can help you brainstorm and ask them if they can help with developing marketing resources.

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