Understanding the Size of Gen Y

A quick post today that should help you understand why you should care about what Generation Y cares about, in particular when it comes to your website.

First, definitions. Here are the four main generations we’re sharing the US with, as defined by the book Generations by William Strauss and Neil Howe:

  • Silent Generation (born between 1925–1942)
  • Baby Boomer (born between 1943–1960)
  • Generation X (born between 1961–1981)
  • Generation Y (born between 1982–2001)

And here’s how they number, in millions:
Numbers of Generations

Do you see that big bar on the right? That’s Generation Y. They’re huge, and they’re addicted to social media. One very persuasive reason you should reconsider your website strategy.

If you’re wondering where you rank in regards to social media compared with others, participate in our survey and you’ll receive a copy of the report when it comes out early next year.

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