Healthy Website Checklist

This little gem has been hidden on the main Talance website, but we thought we’d bring it to wider attention. Use this checklist every three months or so to make sure your website is still up to date and healthy.

Site Content

  • All links work
  • All downloads work
  • All forms work
  • Contact information on homepage and accessible on every other page
  • Addresses organization’s goals
  • Has a favicon


  • All images have ALT tags
  • Custom 404/page not found page
  • Each menu has no more than seven choices
  • Home link in navigation
  • User-friendly page titles


  • Font size not too small
  • Wide margins
  • Good use of bullets, subheadings and bold
  • No underlines except for hyperlinks
  • High contrast text and images


  • Looks OK in most common Web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Uses limited Flash to comply with iPhone and iTouch
  • Images are sized correctly (i.e., big image not squeezed into small box)
  • Colors and images are consistent
  • Loads quickly
  • Looks OK in different screen resolutions
  • Looks OK with various screen color settings
  • URLs work without “www”


  • Pages requiring SSL access are accessible only via SSL
  • No one has access to restricted areas that they shouldn’t have
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