Good to Great: 3 Reasons Why Training Helps CHWs

Insurance decisions, health literacy, patient education, access to care: there are so many reasons why community health workers (CHWs) are desperately needed in the healthcare system. Their role is likely to continue growing, given budget cuts in health services and rising healthcare costs. The key to building a staff of CHW that is as skilled and useful as possible is training.

As a leading online learning organization, is committed to making convenient and flexible online training available for community health workers. But how will your organization really benefit?

1.    Better Client Outcomes

A community health worker who has been trained to navigate the healthcare system and has basic organization and assessment skills will be better able to handle the needs of the patients in your community. Those patients’ needs can addressed more quickly and feel confident that they have an expert looking over them.

2.    More Efficient Office

A trained CHW can handle more patients quicker, which means your office becomes more efficient and valuable to the community. Those performance metrics can also be useful when you are justifying budgets or grants.

3.    Happier CHWs and Patients

A well-trained CHW will be more confident and less frustrated in their job because they know the right information to access, the right questions to ask, the right agencies to explore. That means less staff attrition and better direction and access to care for patients. When both CHWs and patients feel positively about their experiences, that’s a win-win for your organization and the community.

By investing in training for CHWs, you are investing in your organization and your community. For more information about classes or to register for a course, please visit

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