Get Ready! The Social Media Report Is Coming

[UPDATE: It’s ready! Pick up your copy here]

If your nonprofit isn’t using social media yet, it’s time to think about it! A new report from Talance due February 2009 explores how non-profits in Massachusetts are using social media – or if they’re using it at all. Sign up for notification.

The report is based on a benchmarking survey conducted in November 2008 among Massachusetts non-profits and covers:

  • Social media adoption rates
  • The importance of social media for non-profits on fund-raising, marketing and community-building
  • How people are learning about social media
  • Future trends in social media

A few early results reveal:

  • While more than half of respondents are familiar with blogs, the majority are only vaguely familiar with microblogging sites such as Twitter
  • 65% of respondents either are currently using or plan to use blogs
  • Only 20% consider social media unimportant to donor engagement

Free Findings

Anyone can request a free executive summary of the survey results when they become available in February. You can also order the complete text, including charts and graphics. Sign up to receive notification of publication so you can reserve your copy.

This report will be updated on a regular basis. We are conscious that things are changing incredibly quickly in this industry. If you feel there are other questions or information that should be included, please contact us.

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