Family Health History Initiative Starter Kit

Family Health History Initiative Starter KitUnderstanding and addressing the health history of a client is the best way of knowing what kind of treatment he or she needs. Digging a little deeper into family health history is even better, especially as part of National Cancer Prevention Month. Your health staff can recommend screenings and referrals based on what kind of conditions patients are genetically predisposed to.

Gathering family health histories can easily be added to any at-home or in-clinic visit. Your staff can fill in a form based on patient responses, or they can give them a worksheet to complete at home.

We’ve made it even easier by creating a Family Health History Initiative Starter Kit, a free collection of resources and worksheets to simplify the process at your organization. This download will give your team everything it needs to help clients build a health family tree.

The starter kit includes:

  1. Instructions on how to take personal and family health histories
  2. Talking-point tip sheet for gathering health histories
  3. Health history form for individuals and their family members
  4. Additional digital resources


Download the Health History Kit

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