E-learning Strategy in 6 Steps

E-Learning Strategy Essentials Upgrade your training strategy in 6 steps

Training has become fast-paced, thanks to the expansion of jobs, updates to current positions, changes in the company — all in the midst of budget cutbacks and limited resources. Organizations need a way to train incoming and current employees, and many businesses are considering the move to an online training program. No longer are businesses asking, “Should we implement an e-learning program?” but, “How should we implement an e-learning program?

We’ve laid out the six essential steps in building an e-learning strategy and explained what you need to do to put together a plan. In our complimentary e-book “E-Learning Strategy Essentials: A Step-by-Step Strategy for Training Employees Online“, we cover:

  1. Conducting your need assessment
  2. Setting measurable goals
  3. Attaining buy-in from leadership
  4. Choosing the right technology
  5. Implementing a winning staff
  6. Analyzing and evaluating the program for continued success

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Training employees does not have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to schedule. With our training strategies, in six steps, you can make your employee training more productive and successful.

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