CMS Surveys

I’m always telling you that you should be using a web content management system (CMS), but what does everyone else think? A few good ways to find out how and why other organizations are using CMSs is to check out these useful surveys.

Here are some nice ones from …

UC Davis

Helpful take-aways:

  • Over 60% of respondents are in institutions currently using a Web CMS
  • Institutions were more likely to employ open source or custom-developed solutions over proprietary/commercial systems
  • Most instances of Web CMS systems are small, centralized deployments of under 40 sites and 40 or fewer total users
  • Over 75% of Web CMS adopters provide formal training to users
  • Most Web CMS adopters would choose the same system if they had to do so again
  • Overall, there were no clear-cut “market leaders†in the broad field of Web CMS solutions identified by the higher ed institutions that responded to the survey. However, Plone and Drupal – both open source solutions – are in relatively heavy use.

CMS Web Report from CMS Watch

The full version is almost $1000, but you can see a free excerpt.

Helpful take-aways:

  • Most Web CMS customers face a greater risk of over-buying than under-buying

What CMS are you using? Take our survey – it’ll take five seconds. Promise.

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