30 Ideas on How Congregations Can Use Twitter

Congregations have been wild to know what Twitter can do for them, proven by the powerful turnout at two presentations I’ve given on the topic.

The uses are many, but here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve found in my work with churches and synagogues, divided into clergy members (rabbis, preachers), administrators and youth group leaders. Find more tips by following Talance on Twitter, and of course, send your own.


  1. Inspirational thoughts – quotes from scripture or elsewhere
  2. Motivational thoughts – calls to action and service
  3. Be available to those who need you, when they need you
  4. Learn more about your congregants
  5. Reach out to people who aren’t able to attend your services
  6. Network with other clergy members
  7. Gather ideas for sermons
  8. Send prayer requests
  9. Identify needs for support in your community
  10. Get feedback on sermons and programs


  1. Call for volunteers
  2. Notifications of schedule changes
  3. Event notifications
  4. Event follow-ups
  5. Promote newsletter
  6. Promote blog
  7. Promote website
  8. Find out about successful events at other churches or synagogues
  9. Organize events by communicating with volunteers and staff
  10. Poll members on success of programs and services

Youth Group Leaders

  1. Reach out to texting-addicted membership
  2. Drive people to your Facebook group or MySpace page
  3. Send reports to parents while on youth trips
  4. Send reminders to forgetful youth
  5. Make it easy for teens and kids to tell friends about events
  6. Tell kids about programs
  7. Send congratulations and kudos to members
  8. Make it easy for shy kids to communicate with the group
  9. Share camp stories and pictures
  10. Send birthday wishes
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