Month: June 2008

Speedy Browsing

Do yourself a favor and download the new Firefox 3.0 browser right now. Here’s a full list of the top new features, but my favorite is that it’s so fast!

Spy and conquer

“Track your rivals.Then eat their lunch.” No questions about what Compete does. You can check statistics for your website and your competitors’ websites to give yourself the upper hand in competitive intelligence. [From a piece I wrote for FUMSI magazine.]

Technologically Impaired

Check out my latest article in The Jewish Daily Forward, which articulates how many of the nonprofits we come into contact with are struggling to keep up with technology. I’m already hearing some “mazel tovs” and “Yes, we’re hearing the same thing toos.” Technologically Impaired? Jewish Organizations Struggle To Keep Pace With New Technologies By …

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CMS Surveys

I’m always telling you that you should be using a web content management system (CMS), but what does everyone else think? A few good ways to find out how and why other organizations are using CMSs is to check out these useful surveys. Here are some nice ones from … UC Davis Helpful take-aways: Over …

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The Book or Byte?

I just submitted my article to The Jewish Daily Forward on how Jewish nonprofits are faring with Web 2.0 technology. The short answer: they’ve got some catching up to do. An interesting idea came up during my research. I was asking Rabbi Hayim Herring from STAR (Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal) if he had thoughts about …

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New Book on Volunteer Engagement

Jill Friedman Fixler, one of the country’s top experts in helping nonprofits work with volunteers, has just published a book, bound to be a hit: Boomer Volunteer Engagement. It shows organizations step-by-step how to engage Baby Boomers as volunteers to build organizational capacity. It’s a great idea, especially because nonprofits can expect a growing Boomer …

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