18 Ways to Promote Your Website

Advertising people will tell you that before anyone will act on an ad, they have to be reminded 18 times. That’s a lot of dead-horse beating. It’s all the more effective if you can find online and offline places to promote. To get you started, here are 18 ways you can tell people to visit your website:

  1. Put your website address on your return address labels
  2. Mention your website on your voice mail recording
  3. Add your site to your e-mail signature
  4. Mention any new development any time you talk to someone
  5. Update your business cards with your address
  6. List yourself in directories
  7. Ask partners to display literature with your website
  8. Open a Facebook, MySpace and Flickr page and send people back to your website
  9. Create a custom background on Twitter and make sure it has your website on it
  10. Wear your web address – have it printed on T-shirts, hats, bags or even cheap buttons
  11. Put a custom magnet on your organization’s car
  12. Send out press releases
  13. Encourage paper newsletter subscribers to read issues online
  14. Send an e-mail with your new website to everybody you know, and as them to forward it to anyone they know
  15. Have a website launch party/fundraiser
  16. Start a blog – more pages means better online coverage
  17. Add a Send This Article to Friends button on your website
  18. Hang posters with your web address
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