Meet me at Drupalcon 2008

Let me know if you’ll be in Boston for Drupalcon 2008 – I’d love to meet you. I’m on the planning committee for the event and am helping to organize. If you’ll be in town, let me know, and I’ll be happy to see you there!

Useful Usability Sites

[The following article originally appeared in the FreePint Newsletter at] My Favourite Tipples By Peter Maureemootoo As an expert in how people interact with computers, I always try to think of the simplest way to present information to learners when building and publishing online courses. I turn to these sites time and again for …

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What is Big Outside the US

We tend to use only the tools our immediate contacts and news sources tell us about, so it’s always interesting to see what’s big in other countries. This entry from Blognation Germany shows what they’re using over there.

Universities Reach Large Audiences Through E-Learning

Even small universities can reach large student audiences through online learning programs. Take, for example, the University of Illinois, which has an exemplary online learning program and wants to reach 10,000 new online students by next year, according to a report this week by NPR. Nowadays, many colleges require students to take at least one …

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