3 Ways to Get to Know Your Community

[This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice for yourself? Sign up now.] The more you know about the people who visit your website, the better. Creating a profile of the people who visit your organization site can help you make better decisions about what you can do for them. Your website should be the central repository for this research. Here are a few tools you can add to your existing website to compile info on your users.

Feedback forms.

10 Commandments of Writing for the Web

  1. Thou shalt break up long pieces of text with bullets, for it is easier to scan that way.
  2. Thou shalt use short sentences, even if it feels thou art using more periods than commas. Punchy maketh for better reading.
  3. Thou shalt bow down and worship thine spell checker.
  4. Honor the inverted pyramid style of writing. It hath helped journalists for decades for good reason.
  5. Useth not more than one idea per paragraph. Readers never readeth carefully enough to catch more than one.

Think "Resume" with Your Web Copy

The sorry truth about your carefully crafted website copy is that people aren't really reading it. People scan web pages very quickly, and they only pick up bits of information from a few key places, namely top left.

For you, it means you should think like a resume writer when you go to put words on your site: