Excellent Tool for Identifying Fonts

There are billions of fonts out there, which makes it darned difficult to identify one by sight. That's doubly difficult if someone presents you with a graphic of a font. You can't exactly look that one up in the font drop-down menu in Word.

Instead, you plug it into What the Font?! In their words, "Upload a scanned image of the font and instantly find the closest matches in our database."

And it works amazingly well for identifying a mysterious typeface.

Easy Scheduling with Doodle

I recently had to coordinate a series of meetings among a large group of people who live far away. You can probably imagine how frustrating that was.

Enter my new friend Doodle, which lets you create a poll, forward the link to the poll to the participants and let them vote on their choice. It might be anything from what day of the week works best for a meeting, to choose the turkey or veggie sandwich for lunch.

Why Donate Your Computer

Last week, I found a computer on the curb and felt bad someone was willing to throw out a perfectly functional machine when many people could really use it. I've already advised you on how to safely and thoroughly remove all your personal files from your computer. Now here's why you should keep your computer out of the landfill (thanks BestStuff for your list!).

Really Deleting What's on Your Computer

Yesterday I stressed the importance of scrubbing clean your computer before donating it (or putting it in the trash). Charitable organizations generally don't remove the data from your computer when you donate it. Consequently, they pass all your private electronic data on to the next owner.

Here's what to do in order to prep it for donation: