Top 10 Blog Posts

Here on this very last day of 2008, I thought I’d take a look back at the Friendly Web Tools blog entries over the year and share with you those that generated the most responses and feedback. Read, enjoy and happy New Year!

Gadget Monday: Top Five Gadgets

In the giving spirit of the season, our Friendly Web Tools blog is going to close out the year with a wealth of tips for you. From now until 2009 (we’re taking a break on the 25th and 26th), we’re going to give you our top five every day, from design tips to gadgets.

Today, as it’s Gadget Monday, I’m giving you our top five gadgets. As with all gadgets featured on Gadget Monday, these meet our criteria of affordability, ease of use, practicality and ingenuity, all factors we think are vital for charitable organizations.

Top 10 Mistakes of Online Fundraising

With some mighty big funders losing money because of the bad economy and the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, this is a good time for nonprofits embrace grassroots fundraising. This, after all, is how the president-to-be was able to raise such an enormous sum: lots of people making moderate donations.

If you're not raising funds online, do it! Too many websites make it too hard – or impossible - to give online. Here are the top 10 transgressions I’ve seen many times. Learn from these mistakes.

Gadget Monday: Digital Voice Recorders

Last week I gave a presentation on how to do fast and easy podcasts, and several people were curious about different methods of capturing voice. If you have a computer with a microphone, recording is easy, but it’s a little hard to walk around with even a laptop making recordings.

A digital recorder is the answer. I recommend one that does double duty recording audio and also functions as an MP3 player. That way, you can load up your favorite podcasts, and also create them while you’re out walking.

A few good options: