10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Users

1. They're not all using their desktop computers.

Seen all those people trying to meld with their Blackberries? They may be looking at your site on that thing, so make sure it looks good.

2. They have the patience of a puppy chugging espresso.

Get to the point. Fast.

3. They like pretty things, but value efficient navigation more.

Designers do funny things when they get hold of sites. They make them look beautiful, but don't always think about what they're supposed to do.

4. They don't always like slide shows.

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Create a Website for Your Synagogue Audience

Targeting and addressing your website audience isn't a problem for synagogues alone. Web ventures across the secular and religious world grapple with the same problem. But it's important to know who you want to attract to your site, because it will affect not only how you build it, but who might be attending services and programs. Generally speaking, synagogues can target existing members or new members. That's just scraping the surface, though. You should know: