Synagogue Sites Are Catching Up

Our summer project at Talance was imagining the perfect congregational website. We brainstormed, talked to clergy, examined traffic patterns and spoke to administration staff to uncover the most useful features and most necessary tools for growing community. And, it was vitally important to take these features and put them together into an affordable package that can keep growing. The result was Synagogue Sites 1-2-3.

New Service for Killer Synagogue Websites

Synagogue Site You're a busy person. You don't have oodles of time, money and technical expertise to put into your synagogue website. And now you don’t have to. Talance is launching a new service called Synagogue Sites 1-2-3 that makes it a breeze to have a website that truly communicates with your congregation. This is no electronic brochure. >> Get more details and pricing here.

Stellar Idea for Taking Donations

Asking for monetary support should be integrated into every website belonging to a non-profit, synagogue and church. But there are other ways to let your members give than just writing a check. Web developer Jeff Robbins had a great idea you can replicate for your charitable organization. He has developed a slew of tools for web developers for free, but for those who want to show their gratitude, he created an Amazon wish list full of tools and trinkets from all price ranges that he wants or needs: