Learn To Listen, Get Great Ideas

QuickBooks just did something smart. They asked us what we thought of their QuickBooks Online Plus service in a survey. Since we're a bunch of technologists who think deeply about how to make processes smoother, we told them, in detail.

Asking wasn't the smartest part about what they did, though. Following up was. One of their software developers scheduled a phone call with us, and we all got on the phone for 20 minutes - their tech team and ours - and hashed out some really good ideas for making the service better.

Everybody Loves a Makeover

Anybody who's seen any teen romantic comedy worth its salt knows the makeover scene. It goes something like this (cue trendy pop song):

Cool friend takes dork friend to the mall. Dork exits the fitting room in a preppy outfit, friend shakes head. Dork tries on a rock-and-roll outfit with sunglasses, snaps fingers. Friend pushes dork back into fitting room. Dork emerges wearing the perfect outfit, looking better than friend. Friend gives one resounding nod. Transformation complete.

3 Ways to Get to Know Your Community

[This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice for yourself? Sign up now.] The more you know about the people who visit your website, the better. Creating a profile of the people who visit your organization site can help you make better decisions about what you can do for them. Your website should be the central repository for this research. Here are a few tools you can add to your existing website to compile info on your users.

Feedback forms.