Today's Gadget Monday: Gear up for Skype

Skype is so easy to use and costs so little - it's free, in fact - that I'm always amazed at how few of my clients and associates use it. With one free download, you can be making free calls over the Internet and be sending text chats with other people who also use Skype. So today on Gadget Monday, I'm featuring three essential tools for cutting your office phone bills and giving you a direct link to your colleagues by gearing up for Skype use. 1.First of all, download Skype.

Gmail offers AIM Integration

In the midst of AIM, Skype, Gmail Chat and heaven knows how many more competing instant messaging tools there are, Google's making moves to create one less program to keep track of. The company just released a feature that lets you chat with people using AIM from within Gmail. It's fully integrated with the Gmail Chat feature, so there's nothing to install. Click the triangle next to Set Status Here link, and choose Sign into AIM.