Word Watch: Crawlability

Crawlability: n. a measure of the ease with which a website may be scanned by a search engine robot. This is one bit of jargon worth learning. It has a big impact on a site's search engine rankings. Three things you can do to improve your site's crawlability:
  1. Add a hierarchical sitemap
  2. Use descriptive URLs everywhere (i.e., pages should called about-us.html or driving_directions.html. Or better yet, get a CMS to do the hard work for you.)
  3. Make sure titles and headings reflect the site's most important elements

Choose Your (Tech) Weapon

We've been invited by a client that serves synagogues to put together a series of quick-hit webinars based on common problems their constituency has with technology. We're still not sure which will be the most welcomed by the community, so I wanted to open up to you for your vote. In exchange, we'll host a presentation on the same topic for no charge. You can post your thoughts by clicking the comments link here or by contacting me directly. Which would you rather learn?
  • Put your first video on YouTube
  • Create your first podcast
  • Start your first blog

Three No-Brainers for Website Promotion

When going over the designs for his website, a client of mine said, "If we put our newsletter on our website, why do we need to e-mail it to people too?" My answer: "Because they don't know it's there!" It's a very common question, and a common misconception. Just because you build a website doesn't mean that anyone knows it's there. And it's not a guarantee they'll come. In fact, people are fickle. You have to beat them over the head to make them visit your site, and then you have to make it easy for them to read your site, navigate your site and anticipate what they're looking for.