What Is the Coolest E-learning Video You Have Seen Online?

This is an excellent question that I found while trolling through LinkedIn Answers, but it's not unlike standard brainstorming questions I'm asked every time we launch an e-learning project.

Read the full discussion here, or check out these highlights:

The Machine is Us/ing Us. Very creative and compelling way to tell the story of Web 2.0 through imagery.

May Talance Newsletter: Twitter, Security Updates, Blog Favorites

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Hi, Friends!

The world, as they say, is atwitter about Twitter. It's amazing, considering that last November, when we surveyed Massachusetts non-profits to see how they were using social media, no one even knew what a microblog was! Now everybody is Twittering.

Protect Your Laptop from Border Control

Some scary news: US border control now has the authority to swipe your laptop, cell phone or other electronic device. Bad news no matter which way you look at it, but you could be utterly lost if you're traveling and US agents decide to retain your laptop indefinitely. My best advice is to travel with a stripped-down piece of equipment that contains only contact names and travel details and download information from an online storage space when you arrive at your destination.

Scary Computer Threat - and Reassuring Fix

It's no ordinary occasion that Microsoft, Sun and Cisco engage in a project together. But this is no ordinary occasion. Hackers have discovered a potentially very dangerous ways to take people to different websites even when they think they've typed in the right address. For instance, you may type www.cnn.com into your webpage, but you may be redirected to a fake site that can steal your identity or money in a technique called spoofing. The BBC reported the story; an excerpt: