Contra Costa Midrasha's Small Investment & Big Payoff

It's easy to think in extremes with websites. Your website might be looking a little tired, and you might think, "Time for an overhaul!" Often all you need is a little freshening up, and you'll notice a big payoff. As long as you're reasonably happy with your content and you don't have any technical problems, you can execute a few tweaks that are far cheaper than an overhaul, and that pay off big time.

Spring Is Coming - Unclutter Your Website

The buds are swelling, the dust bunnies have grown – that means it’s time for spring cleaning again. Spring cleaning should transcend your house and yard, however. It should also apply to your website. Here are four helpful articles from a special series we put together on spring cleaning your website: Spring Clean Your Website – Part 1 Spring Clean Your Website – Dead Links (Part 2)

Assembling a Web Dream Team

When people at an organization start sharing information about their website, they’re generally surprised at how much their ideas differ. That’s one of the key reasons you need to assemble a reliable website committee to guide your organization through the process of building or redesigning your website. These people can help you decide who your audience is, clarify the purpose of your site and determine how it meshes with your organization’s mission.