3 Musts of Non-Profit Website Marketing

There’s a prejudice in the non-profit world against marketers. They’re often thought of as “slick” (not my word – a direct quote), slimy and very, very expensive. The truth is, a marketer should look just like you, whether you’re slick or a slob. If you’ve decided you want a website, you’ve got to tap into your inner marketer to make it a success. Suppress your shudders when you hear words like “strategy” and “metrics” and “target audience” – instead learn what it means to be your own website marketer, and your site will be better.

52 Web Promotion & Marketing Tips

It's the gift that keeps on giving: a new online marketing and promotion tip every week. As part of our year-long birthday festivities, we're celebrating by giving away a new e-newsletter. 52 Web Marketing & Promotion Tips helps you energize your website with a piece of actionable advice delivered directly to your inbox every week, so you can keep your site fresh and vibrant. From writing and link building to best practices and strategy, we’ll help you reach your website goals in for the whole year.

Contra Costa Midrasha's Small Investment & Big Payoff

It's easy to think in extremes with websites. Your website might be looking a little tired, and you might think, "Time for an overhaul!" Often all you need is a little freshening up, and you'll notice a big payoff. As long as you're reasonably happy with your content and you don't have any technical problems, you can execute a few tweaks that are far cheaper than an overhaul, and that pay off big time.

Six Party-Planning Tips That Make Your Website Rock

You’d never throw a party without sending invitations. Who wants to sit alone with four dozen spinach triangles and a couple cases of beer? (If you just answered, “I do!” then you might want to get out a little.) That’s effectively what you’re doing if you’re like one of the many people I talk who aim to have an “interactive” website but don’t kick-start the festivities. They expect people to start participating, yet they don’t tell anyone what’s happening or make it a destination worth visiting.