5 Useful and Free Web-Based Tools

Free Web stuff has never been more available nor more overwhelming. It's easy for a budget-conscious non-profit or other small organization to glom on to any of the thousands of freebie apps out there and out of eventual frustration, opt for a paid service. On the flip side, it's easy to be deluded into thinking free services can do anything a paid service can do. That's one mistake that can get expensive. It's important to pull out the cash when it's worth it. Even if you save a bit, it helps.

September Talance Newsletter: Healthy Website Checklist

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Hi, Friends.

Websites, you know, are never done. They’re as close as you can get to living and breathing for something made of lines of code stored on computers around the globe. Trends change, organizations’ missions change and outside forces change too.

Work-Ahead Tools for Twitter

Twitter updates come as fast as you can draw a sharp breath, but they may not be as spontaneous as they seem. Thanks to a selection of scheduling services, you can create tweets ahead of time and post them in the future, while you're busy with something else.

Delayed tweeting isn't the best strategy for building relationships with your followers (can you imagine having your half of a conversation an hour before you meet a friend for lunch?), but it can help when you want to deliver a message but aren't able to.

Assembling a Web Dream Team

When people at an organization start sharing information about their website, they’re generally surprised at how much their ideas differ. That’s one of the key reasons you need to assemble a reliable website committee to guide your organization through the process of building or redesigning your website. These people can help you decide who your audience is, clarify the purpose of your site and determine how it meshes with your organization’s mission.

How To Create a Dysfunctional Website

In preparing for an upcoming presentation on how to create functional websites, and it’s got me thinking about all the dysfunctional sites I’ve seen recently. There’s no single feature that makes a website completely unusable, but there definitely are trends.

Below, divided into three categories, are the chief gaffes you should follow if you really feel like creating a website that doesn’t work.

Spring Clean Your Website Copy (Part 3)

As time passes and your goals and objectives evolve, so should your website copy. If you’ve been following our series on spring cleaning your website, including putting together a clean team and purging dead links (click here to see all the articles in the series), you’ll be in the perfect place to start focusing on the words and structure that you use to communicate with your audience.