Everybody Loves a Makeover

Anybody who's seen any teen romantic comedy worth its salt knows the makeover scene. It goes something like this (cue trendy pop song):

Cool friend takes dork friend to the mall. Dork exits the fitting room in a preppy outfit, friend shakes head. Dork tries on a rock-and-roll outfit with sunglasses, snaps fingers. Friend pushes dork back into fitting room. Dork emerges wearing the perfect outfit, looking better than friend. Friend gives one resounding nod. Transformation complete.

Welcome to Our Website! (Except for You)

[This appeared in our March newsletter. Wanna subscribe? Do it now!] I’ve yet to work with a client who doesn’t use the word “welcoming” in some way to describe the website they want. No doubt that goes for just about anyone reading this article right now. In fact, most people will spend considerable thought and effort coming up with the best open-looking fonts, the friendliest text, the warmest colors when it comes to designing a website or online course, all in the service of being more appealing to their audience. For this, I commend them.

52 Web Promotion & Marketing Tips

It's the gift that keeps on giving: a new online marketing and promotion tip every week. As part of our year-long birthday festivities, we're celebrating by giving away a new e-newsletter. 52 Web Marketing & Promotion Tips helps you energize your website with a piece of actionable advice delivered directly to your inbox every week, so you can keep your site fresh and vibrant. From writing and link building to best practices and strategy, we’ll help you reach your website goals in for the whole year.

3 Ways to Get to Know Your Community

[This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice for yourself? Sign up now.] The more you know about the people who visit your website, the better. Creating a profile of the people who visit your organization site can help you make better decisions about what you can do for them. Your website should be the central repository for this research. Here are a few tools you can add to your existing website to compile info on your users.

Feedback forms.

What Happens If You Go Bonkers for Pictures

Never one to turn down a free bagel, I sent away for a coupon from my friendly neighborhood bagel shop. They e-mailed it, as promised, but without any regard for the way most e-mail programs by default disable images. Because the entire thing is an image, I couldn't tell what arrived in my in-box, and I almost deleted it before recognizing the subject line. Here's what I was looking at:

What To Expect When You're Expecting a Website (June Newsletter)

[This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice of this for yourself? Sign up now.] Anybody who’s ever built a new kitchen knows that just because you hire someone to lay the granite counter tops doesn’t mean your job's over. It’s true with websites, too. You have to be organized, communicate preferences and prepare to work with the completed project.