John Rochford Talks About Accessibility

Some people think having accessible websites is like having a swimming pool. Nice to have, but too expensive and too much upkeep. Unlike a swimming pool, however, an accessible website means that anyone can view it whatever their limitation, ranging from a physical limitation like limited or no eyesight, to having a handheld device with small display.

Welcome to Our Website! (Except for You)

[This appeared in our March newsletter. Wanna subscribe? Do it now!] I’ve yet to work with a client who doesn’t use the word “welcoming” in some way to describe the website they want. No doubt that goes for just about anyone reading this article right now. In fact, most people will spend considerable thought and effort coming up with the best open-looking fonts, the friendliest text, the warmest colors when it comes to designing a website or online course, all in the service of being more appealing to their audience. For this, I commend them.

New Logo for Brockton Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Announcing the new Brockton Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program logo:
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Brockton Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Logo

4 Risk Management Steps That Could Save You

It could be a punishing snowstorm that brings down power for weeks. It could be a hacker that vandalizes your website. Or a war-torn country that inhibits communication with your team. It might even be as simple as a data backup that stops running for some reason. Running an organization with an online element is inherently risky, yet few leaders think seriously about what those risks might be and how they might affect day-to-day operations.

Talance After 10 Years

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2001 to 2011 and Beyond