Introducing Family Planning and Wellness–Better Health for Everyone

Proper access to family planning guarantees healthier communities. Unintended pregnancies are linked to a host of negative health outcomes. Mothers are more susceptible to depression and have a higher risk of physical violence. Babies are more likely to be under weight and have birth defects. The inability to plan for and space births means that all family members can suffer, particularly if they're among a young or marginalized population.

Top 10 Talance Blog Posts from 2016

It's exciting to look forward into a new year, but it's also inspiring to look back. It was a big year for us at Talance, with new course announcements, new partners and clients, and updates to our learning management system technology. We kept you informed in the blog, but you might have missed something. We're looking back at the top 10 articles we published last year. Have a closer look at our most popular:

Register for What Every AHEC Needs To Know About Online Training (a project of Talance) is hosting a free webinar event on October 7 for any AHEC administrator hungry for information about how to expand education and enrollment through e-learning. Directors, program administrators and trainers from AHECs are invited to attend. Introduction to E-learning: What Every AHEC Needs To Know About Online Training is complimentary and will begin at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific), during which you'll learn:

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    A Vibrant and Engaging Government Website – Really!

    How Talance built a website that's sophisticated, friendly and worth exploring for the Patient Navigator Program in Boston, MA.

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    Government websites have a bad reputation. Sadly, it's a reputation that's justified. Just click through a few official templates and you'll see far too many are stodgy, rife with outdated information and a decade behind design trends.

    Our $150 Public Display of Affection

    We at Talance have no problem with public displays of affection, which is why we’re laying it out there this month with our annual Customer Appreciation Month. [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"766","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"400","height":"207","alt":""}}]]

    How’s it work?

    Work with us on any new or existing development or design this month and mention the Customer Appreciation Month discount. We’ll automatically give you $150 off through August 2012. Take it as a token of our love that it’s so darn easy.