Non-profit Wisdom from Wikipedia

Wikipedia logoWikipedia is ranked the 6th most popular in the world (fifth most popular in the US), so it might come as a surprise that it has only a staff of 10, and the rest of it's enormous success is built on volunteers. Wikipedia is a non-profit. (Cash-strapped non-profits: think about that next time you're wondering how you'll get everything done on your current budget.)

The Good, The Bad, The Logo (April 2010 Newsletter)

[This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice of this for yourself? Sign up now.] Logos, you might think, are easy to find these days. There are a million contest websites, services that sell logos for the cost of dinner and plenty of well-intentioned relatives that like to monkey around with graphics programs. That makes bad logos easy to find. Good logos are completely different. They follow a few simple but important guidelines:

    Portrait of a Website Superstar: The Blog

    I’m in the middle of researching a massive project now where most people I’ve interviewed say something to this effect: “Rather than go through the hassle of updating the website, we’ve just let it go.” What a waste! To have a website that people are actually visiting (even if there aren’t many), and that can be actually working for you is a waste of time, space and even reputation. Sure, websites take dedication and work to update, but it shouldn’t be so hard to work with that you simply let it go. Solution: the blog.

    Add a Call to Action - Now!

    Organizations are so passive when it comes to their websites, but you want to be just the opposite. When you want something, ask for it. Otherwise you’ll never get it. Opt for active urgent language. Rather than, “Our Newsletter,” change your text to “Get our newsletter now.” Minor change, major results. Here are some sample calls to action you can put on your website now. Each should be a link or a button - something that will let your visitors complete the action.
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    February 2010 Newsletter: Digging for Gold Issue

    [This little gem is the e-mail newsletter our subscribers just received. Want a slice of this for yourself? Sign up now.]

    Digging for Website Gold

    Too many people think the best content they have to offer on their websites are event listings. Sure, those are helpful, but you almost certainly have something better you’re already producing that you can use to make your website a better resource. Here are some ideas to help you dig up hidden content:

    Top Blogs from Mass Mentoring

    Mass MentorsThis is a guest post from some of our favorite clients: Lauren Dean, Manager of Communications & Public Awareness, and Allison Smith, Highland Street Ambassador of Mentoring, at Mass Mentoring Partnership. We asked Lauren what blogs she turns to regularly for help running her job at a major non-profit.

    Top 5 Blogs