Word Watch: Crawlability

Crawlability: n. a measure of the ease with which a website may be scanned by a search engine robot. This is one bit of jargon worth learning. It has a big impact on a site's search engine rankings. Three things you can do to improve your site's crawlability:
  1. Add a hierarchical sitemap
  2. Use descriptive URLs everywhere (i.e., pages should called about-us.html or driving_directions.html. Or better yet, get a CMS to do the hard work for you.)
  3. Make sure titles and headings reflect the site's most important elements

What the Heck Does RSS Mean?

I wish the acronym "RSS" had never been invented. It’s confusing, hard to describe and something everyone wants to understand. I much prefer the term "news feed" for this technology that helps you get blog and podcast updates on your computer. Nevertheless, I was glad to see that Unclutterer wrote up a handy primer on the term. It’s still a bit jargon (they use the term "content" a little too freely. Think of "content" as the stuff on your website, such as articles and listings), but still helpful.

FWTB Word Watch: Ping

Recently, someone from a UK firm putting together a glossary of social media jargon asked me to contribute. The world of social media jargon is immense, but I realized I've been hearing the word "ping" in a sense that didn't really make sense to me. Ping, v. This is something you send to a computer for an automated response. I've heard it (erroneously) as a synonym for "e-mail" or "instant message." You can look at more social media jargon from their glossary.