Free Phone Service from Google

If you use GrandCentral for free phone call service, you’ll be happy to hear Google is releasing Google Voice. It’s only open to GrandCentral users currently, but will be open to a wider audience soon.

A few highlights of Google Voice:

  • A single number to ring your home, work, and mobile phones
  • Voicemail
  • Transcripts of your voicemail
  • Archive and search text messages you send and receive

Check out the features to see how it works:

Gmail offers AIM Integration

In the midst of AIM, Skype, Gmail Chat and heaven knows how many more competing instant messaging tools there are, Google's making moves to create one less program to keep track of. The company just released a feature that lets you chat with people using AIM from within Gmail. It's fully integrated with the Gmail Chat feature, so there's nothing to install. Click the triangle next to Set Status Here link, and choose Sign into AIM.