What Happens If You Go Bonkers for Pictures

Never one to turn down a free bagel, I sent away for a coupon from my friendly neighborhood bagel shop. They e-mailed it, as promised, but without any regard for the way most e-mail programs by default disable images. Because the entire thing is an image, I couldn't tell what arrived in my in-box, and I almost deleted it before recognizing the subject line. Here's what I was looking at:

Working Your Out-of-Office Reply While You're Away

Many people will take the time to set a simple auto-response to go out when someone writes them an e-mail. It's usually something like "I will be out of the office until Tuesday, 4/14. If necessary, I can be reached at ..." Talk about a missed opportunity! Why not get a little fancy with this message and do a bit of promotion while you're at it? After all, you have to write something there anyway, how about adapting one of these lines for your next out-of-office reply: