Our $150 Public Display of Affection

We at Talance have no problem with public displays of affection, which is why we’re laying it out there this month with our annual Customer Appreciation Month.

How’s it work?

Work with us on any new or existing development or design this month and mention the Customer Appreciation Month discount. We’ll automatically give you $150 off through August 2012.

Choose Your E-learning Tools: Essential Dos and Don'ts

Use this as a checklist while you're evaluating online education tools. It's an excerpt from the book Teach Beyond Your Reach by Robin Neidorf. Do: Ask informed questions. Demo a tool before you commit to using it. Try freeware or open-source tools.

Top 8 Places to Feed Your Inner Artist (Plus, Win a Gift Card and Travel Mug)

Here's a little secret: web designers like to be bossed around. Nicely. Under certain circumstances. They like to be told of your color preferences. They like to know what styles of fonts to avoid. They want to know what things you find hard to use on the web and the things you prefer to visit.

A Reason To Love Monday

Mondays can always use a little softening, so today is an excellent day to remind you that July is Customer Appreciation Month at Talance.

What does this mean if you're already one of our beloved clients? It means you can cash in on all kinds of things, like graphic design, widgets or save $150 on a bigger project.

And if you're new to the Talance family? It means you can save $150 - just like that - off any new website.

Nice deal, no? And it's all because we love you.

It's Customer Appreciation Month!

Have we told you lately how much we love you? Well, let's fix that right now by telling you July is the kick-off of customer appreciation month at Talance. Pick up your $150 gift card to use for any new or existing development or design on a Talance website. Use it either on its own or apply it toward something bigger. We’ll keep sharing the love on our Facebook page, so join the fan club so you can get deals, specials and giveaways throughout July.