Health Equity

Why Teaching About Health Disparities Transforms Communities (Guest Post)

As an instructional designer, I use my expertise in teaching and learning to create learning experiences on a wide variety of health topics. Whether I’m developing a course on breast cancer genetics  or oral health, a significant part of the process is partnering with experts in the field to develop courses that are informative, engaging and effective.  Since many of these courses are written for frontline health workers, they must also motivate participants to make positive changes in their communities.

Creating and Building Community Online

I mentioned earlier this week that nonprofits should think more carefully about web marketing, not only because they should think of marketing as a way to build and sustain their community, but also as a relatively inexpensive ways to do so. One of the best examples I've seen for creating online community that makes a difference is the We Campaign, the project of The Alliance for Climate Protection -- the nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Al Gore.