How To Design by Committee (And Live To Talk About It)

If you’ve never seen the words “how to” followed by “design by committee” without words like “throw yourself out a window because you were involved in this horror show known as” in between, you may be shocked to read on. You may be one of those people who’s been trapped on a committee and all its egomaniacs, petty arguments and grudging concessions and know what a mess committees can make of things like web projects. Wikipedia puts it this way:

Fast tool for show and tell

Trying to describe what a web design will look like or what we're about to change with a layout is a challenge over the phone, especially with the limits of technical jargon. The best way to communicate tricky changes is to show them.

I know there are a million collaboration tools like WebEx and Genesys out there (heck, we even set people up with Unyte for webinars), but for a quick show-and-tell, I love Twiddla.