10 Commandments of Writing for the Web

  1. Thou shalt break up long pieces of text with bullets, for it is easier to scan that way.
  2. Thou shalt use short sentences, even if it feels thou art using more periods than commas. Punchy maketh for better reading.
  3. Thou shalt bow down and worship thine spell checker.
  4. Honor the inverted pyramid style of writing. It hath helped journalists for decades for good reason.
  5. Useth not more than one idea per paragraph. Readers never readeth carefully enough to catch more than one.

15 Ways to Create a Horrible Non-profit Website

  1. Let everyone on your staff and board give feedback on your design, and apply everyone’s preferences.
  2. Put someone in charge who doesn’t care about the website.
  3. Replace pages or menu items with PDFs.
  4. Make your mission statement about six paragraphs long and put it front and center of the homepage.
  5. Hide the donation forms. It also helps to make it really hard to use.
  6. Don’t apply any kind of strategy to the site. Just throw it up and assume you’ll get support.

Good advice on asking for a new website

Entrepreneur's Tech Forward blog has some solid advice on what kind of questions you should ask a company before you give them the green light to create a website for you. I agree completely with the advice, and this article is like an outline of the way we approach relationships with new organizations.

A reputable web services company should: