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Scheduling Tips to Plan Your Remote Training Program

An online training program has many phases, activities, and tasks. You probably learned this when you were building your e-learning course. Ongoing online course projects need tending like a garden. As you move from the launch phase to the maintenance phase, you’ll still need to keep managing time. In practice, program managers, facilitators, and administrators […]

How to Choose the Right Pilot Group for Training

If you need one helicopter, order two. That’s a lesson we learned at Talance when creating an online course on Incident Command System. ICS is a language that all emergency responders know, including the police, firefighters, and Coast Guard. That way when there’s a disaster, everyone knows what to do, no matter who they work […]

9 Ways you can manage a virtual classroom with remote learners

Being a strong leader is a central part of managing a virtual classroom. You need to guide discussions, resolve conflicts, and set boundaries for virtual class behavior for the training session to be successful. Here are some techniques and strategies that will help you manage your online classroom like a seasoned professional. Follow these practices, […]

How to Train Remote Staff in Less Time

Online training can be a life-saver. This is especially true when in-person options for staff are cancelled, and also when it’s hard to get people in one room together to learn. For people learning and delivering training, being able to learn new skills demands being able to take online courses. This might be a short-term […]