Free Webinar: Developing a Community Health Worker Training Program with Mariuca Tuxbury, March 26

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Mariuca Tuxbury, Trainer and Patient Navigator

Join Mariuca Tuxbury and me for a free webinar next Tuesday, March 26.

Mariuca is a trainer for the patient navigator/community health worker e-learning program developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and is extremely knowledgeable about training up a group of health workers.

Together we’re going to talk about the fundamentals of putting together an online program that can help health agencies and service providers provide professional development.

Program administrators can count on learning practical, in-the-trenches tips that you can put to use in structuring your program. We’ll give a brief history of the program, lessons learned from programs around the country and a technical tour of the online training platform.

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A Vibrant and Engaging Government Website – Really!

How Talance built a website that’s sophisticated, friendly and worth exploring for the Patient Navigator Program in Boston, MA.

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Government websites have a bad reputation. Sadly, it’s a reputation that’s justified. Just click through a few official templates and you’ll see far too many are stodgy, rife with outdated information and a decade behind design trends.

When the team behind the Patient Navigator Program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health decided to embark on a website, they knew they wanted to break stereotype.

Marilyn Gardner, lead of the Women’s Health Network /Men’s Health Partnership at the Care Coordination Program, which commissioned the website from Talance, said she wanted something different. “Something you’d want to spend time playing around with and investigating.”

So we set about creating a website that was “clean, sophisticated and fresh”—in other words, something completely different from the run-of-the-mill government website.

Read the whole case study, including each major phase of the project from building identity to building the site on Drupal, over at our website.