7 Sins of Health Communication

Presenters: Carie Sherman, communications consultant, and Monique Cuvelier, Talance

Americans are an unhealthy bunch. Yet there’s zero shortage of information about health and wellness. So what’s lacking? Communication that is relatable, actionable, easy-to-digest -- and accounts for human behavior.

Join Talance and health communications professional Carie Sherman for an in-depth look at the sins we all commit when trying to communicate valuable health and wellness information to our people, regardless of what Stage of Change they are in.

Carie will share tips that will change how you approach and how people perceive your health and wellness communications. You’ll see helpful “before” and “afters” and examine what Plain Language means in context.

Who is this for?

Anyone who communicates health and wellness information across organizations and communities, including HR directors, corporate communicators, government and public health agencies, and community-based organizations.

In this 60-minute session you will learn ...

  • Strategies for greater patient engagement and compliance
  • Methods to increase participation in corporate and community wellness programs
  • Best practices in writing patient education materials
  • Tips to ensuring you meet Plain Language standards that go beyond standard readability tests like the Flesch–Kincaid
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