As national health care reform reshapes insurance across the United States, how does your team keep up? This course enables your group to help people access health insurance. It introduces and demonstrates to the terms and concepts related to health insurance, the types available, and how costs are structured. By the end of the class, participants will be able to use this knowledge to help clients compare plans, set up an appointment, and interact with insurance company representatives.

Also available in Spanish.

Target Audience
Individuals who need to instruct others on the basics of health insurance and how to find coverage.

Expected Duration
3 hours

Lesson Objectives

Navigating Health Insurance

  • Help people choose the best insurance plan for them by analyzing local plan benefits
  • Describe and keep abreast of Affordable Care Act changes through online research
  • Be equipped to explain the basic concepts of how health insurance works
  • Provide people with the information they need to interact with insurance company representatives and healthcare providers
  • Know and understand important health insurance terms

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